Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day!

Sis and I spent our Sunday noon at my aunt's place.
In the morning,we discussed about the plan for mother's day and it was supposed to be a surprise for mum but in the end Josh spilled the bean out!!!!!
The funniest thing was he took the teddy bears from sis's room and made it as a present for mum..haha....he's way too funny!!!
The day before,he wanted to buy a present for mum as Mother's day present but he wanted mum to fork out her own money to pay for it.
I know he's such a filial son!

Hang out at aunt's place for the whole noon and my uncle cooked some delicious dishes!
He's a good cook but not a chef ok????
That's why I want to find a right guy who can cook!
If can do house chores is better too!:)

Sis insisted to cam-whore in the car....

After my aunt's place,we went to get a Mother's day cake for mum.
Of course I paid for everything while my sis didn't need to.

Lil' Josh kept bugging to cut the cake after dinner ...haha....
he loves food!
my lovely mum!
mum with her spoiled baby boy
my lovely parents!

We sang a song to mum.
'Mum's the only best in the world'
Besides that,we sang Josh a birthday song too...haha
see her happy smile~~~
The fatty bom-bom one~

Happy mother's day!
Love you mum!
Thnx for everything you've sacrificed for me and always stand by me whenever I face difficulties!
You're the best!

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Tzy Wen said...

guys who can do housework and cook don't exist.