Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our 1st gathering for this sem break

We had our first gathering steamboat dinner for this sem break last Tuesday.
*I know I'm supposed to update it earlier but damn lazy to do it.*

I remembered that I just had steamboat dinner with few friends the night before I left Sabah and that was the worst ever cuz we had to force ourselves to finish the food!

But this dinner was different because our chef made some fruit tarts.Dessert...Me likey!!!
So,we went for groceries shopping in the noon.
Jaz and Cathy were responsible to choose and buy the vege and blah blah blah while my task was just pushing the trolley!!!!I'm not so expert as them to choose 'beautiful' vege.

Headed to McD for lunch and breakfast.
My first McD meal since I came back.We had no choice!!!!

Without wasting our time,we headed to Jaz's home and started to make the fruit tarts and prepared the other ingredients.
I just need to stand by to be their assistant.......

We've finished 'moulding' them!!!!!It's baked actually......
Once we've done,it's time to make the custard as the 'glue' for the fruits!
Our main chef
The 'extra' chef!
Jaz' 2nd edition of BIG HEAD !!!The first was the one with cupcakes at Pure during summer party...haha...*I wasn't pretending cooking*
Before we started to decorate the tarts!!!!
Jaz and I made the biggest mess for the decoration until our main chef couldn't stand of it and kept complaining...haha
tada..............the tarts supposed to 'SMILE'!!!But............................
Only 2 smiles among all....haha
The 'survived' smileys!
Our 1st ever pic for this holiday!!!!
Jaz's trying to take revenge agaist me by taking this pic because I always caught her ugly side with my cam!!!

The cK present goes to a lucky guy..not gonna reveal him!!!!It's a belated present!

Another belated present for's something nice though!
Our new model for cK.....haha......

That's the most entertaining part ever for the night !
And I laugh till I's been such a long time since I laughed till my stomach ache and teared!!!!!

Unfortunately,whenever Jaz's bf is with us,I'll be doomed!
Just to give him 'face'....haha......
And we drank some stupid and worst taste beers ever....Anchor strong beer!!!!

Before heading home,few of us went all the way to town just to buy dessert but went home with empty hand......................

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