Saturday, May 02, 2009

Still thinking of what to eat for my dinner because I slept the whole day!
Woke up at 2 pm then craved to my bed again at 4 pm!
This is what I've been doing these few days BUT study in the midnight until the next day 6 am.

Finally there's rain here!
Thank GOD!

I've started to love Accounting more and more.

I have no controlling on my phone bill!GOSH!
Guess I'm gonna fork out my own money for next month bill and more over I'll not be working for this holiday!
I have to think of a way to get some $$$$$$ even though I have some in the bank .
Everytime I think of going back to Malacca then it's the time I go bankruptcy.
Too much of social activities with the gang..haha....

'm considering of getting another phone because I need to get another new number so that I can make more free calls!
When I get to make free calls then I'm gonna bug you guys like crazy!
Anyways,gotta sort out with the DSLR first then only get a new phone.Maybe a PDA...most probably Blackberry..Me love!
Erm...shall I ask does anyone wana give me a Blackberry as my 21st Birthday present????
*I should better stop day-dreaming..haha*

I can't wait to go back and shop with mum.
Miss shopping with her so much!

Was on the phone with the Fatty Bom Bom one just now.
He keeps bugging for a birthday present from all of us.
So,I've given him 2 choices.
Toy or a nice trip?
Guess what?He prefers toy!!!!!!!
My are kids!

In conclusion,my long holiday is ALL about having fun,lazing around,go for a trip,spend my money and do nothing!!!!!
The first time ever that I have to spend my holiday without a job!!!!!!

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