Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Last paper on tomorrow and I'm done for this sem!
'm really can't wait to go home.

Sat for my Accounting paper today and I'm kinda proud of myself though as I've got to do the calculation!
hmm...I think I shall talk about my 'good' behavior during the Accounting class for this whole sem...Haha...
#I had McDs almost every week and on the days I had Accounting class.Bear in mind:I ate in the class while the lecturer was teaching but at least I'm always at the last few row.haha.

#I did skip my class and hang out at Starbucks.

#I chit-chatted non-stop in the class with the gang because we didn't even understand a single sum of Accounting as the lecturer and us have language barrier!He's an Indonesian!

#I copied my friend's answer for all the quizs except one!

#I skipped class and slept till noon.Ok,I'm not so bad to do that but only when I'm not feeling well.I always have lots of excuses for myself.haha.....

That's all my 'good' deeds!

Really need some energy boosters when I'm back.
Calculation has driven me crazy.Just imagine 4 weeks continuously facing my calculation subs without REST!
That's why I didn't even give a damn to wake up early to revise it all over again!

Gotta ciaoz as I haven't revise for my next paper!
It's in the morning!

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