Monday, June 08, 2009

Back to my 2nd hometown!

It's a last min plan by dad to go back to JB.
Dad just got back from JB on Friday midnight and Josh asked him to bring all of us to JB after few hours he reached home!!!
Baby bro's wish is always granted!

Dad had to rush back to his company to get his stuff settled.
We the 'followers' tagged along.
I was shocked to find out the actual price for a pair of Panasonic speakers!!!!
MY gosh!!!!
It's really unbelievable!!!

After that,dad brought us to 'visit' our(my sis and I) primary school.
There's no comparison for it!!!
I mean those schools in Mlc can never win those in JB!

bro n sis

We went for lunch at a shop which has more than 70 dishes to choose!!
There's lots of food in JB.
That's why I love the place!
The food queue for us!!!haha...

Headed to Jusco Tebrau after that.
Grabbed some donuts from Dunkin Donuts.
My all time favorite.
And of course Wh for headbands!!!
It has nice clothes but I prefer the headbands thre!
Now,we have to queue to pay for the parking ticket fee!!!First time in my life!!!!

Met up with uncle for dinner.
Hung out at his hotel & bistro after dinner.
My uncle is a REAL player!!!!!
Even though he has his age already..haha

Uncle player
"Now,you have tatt ya?"

"Not only one,she has 3 tatts."

"It's an art!Fashion ma...."
Lil's Josh took this during dinner
@ uncle's bistro
Teaching lil' Josh to play pool
Camwhore session for the sisters
Josh's got bored waiting....................

We've got a lil' surprise.
My player grandpa was in JB too.
He's remarried.
My uncle is his generation...haha

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