Monday, June 08, 2009

The hang-out

My drinking partner gonna be so JEALOUS when he knows where
I hung out with the girls!

've been craving for cocktails so decided to ask the girls out.
A lil' surprise for this hang-out as Suki brought her baby boy out!

As usual,couz got us the best seat ever!
Thnx couzie!

I got a Tequila sunrise,
Cathy got a Sex by the river,
Sherlyn got a Margarita.

I was right.
Margarita is an addiction!
Babe agreed with it!

Me likey tequila sunrise!
Superb extra tequila!!!!haha....
My partner in crime!!!!
Sherlyn and jo
the baby and the mummy
the night view is much better than the day....
Babe with her Margarita.
His mummy's bad!!!!
Our food!

Babe's Margarita....

Jo and cathy :)
camwhoring with this baby boy in the car

After that,we went for FOOD again!
I can't believe that I can eat so much nowadays!!!!
Lil' belly is freaking obvious!

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