Saturday, September 05, 2009

Breakfast@1Borneo@Ocean Seafood Restaurant

It's Sunday morning and Aunt JC insisted to have breakfast at her favorite place.
We,the midnight hunks didn't get enough sleep on the night before after partying.
During the 3 days,we had to go wherever in 3 cars.

People have their breakfast in the morning but we had ours at 12 in the noon.

Baby boy always showed me his angry expression whenever I was trying to take a pic of him.:)

While waiting for food,he's hungry though.

Then, it's time to serve the dished to us.
I had no idea what would we be eating until the dish was served.
It's delicious!
There are fishballs,tofu,fish's organ and more....

Then came the next few dishes.
I just ate whatever aunt ordered...haha...

This is yummy!!!!!!!
Fish heads!!!!!

After our breakfast,we headed to One Borneo,the mall which I always go to waste my time.
Lil' Jie hung is way too cute.
I love taking his pics.
The talkative one-Elvis!!!!!
He's just a 5-year-old boy but he can really speak.
Mind you,this pic was taken by Tong tong using my dslr...i know the angle is a lil' bit 'wrong'..haha
This is what happened when the kids saw the arcade.
The hot mamas were so busy taking pics.
It reminded me of my childhood when my parents love taking pics of me and sis.
The hot mama with her kids.

I've never pose like this before..haha..
It's outside of toy city when the hot mamas brought their kids to get their toys.
Gosh!I spotted a 50th Anniversary limited edition Barbie!!!!!!!
It costs RM xxx!!!!!
Talked to mum about it and she asked me to get it by using my own money!!!!!!

As for the dinner of the last night,we went for superb duperb yummy seafood @ Ocean Seafood Restaurant.
It's my 2nd time there.
They really served delicious dishes especially SEAFOOD!!
Their specialty is ther HUGE&VARIETY of seafood to choose from!!!!
Tada...............this is what I'm talking about.
And this is why I love this place.
BTW,it costs anyone big bucks to have dinner there!!!!!!!!!!

The baby sharks.
WTH the baby sharks doing here?
To cook Shark Fin??????????

The most amazing this is that they have size for the prawns!!!

The S,M,L size of prawns!!!!!

I was so busy with photographing while aunts were busying with choosing a fish!!!

He's getting the fish for us!!!!

This cute lil' washroom sign-SPOTTED!!!!
Uncle steven was so busy taking pics of every type of seafood.
"Uncle,are you gona take the pics of every type of seafood?"


Trust me!He took all the pics from different seafood!!!!!

Aunt jen and Aunt JC were busying with the orders of dishes.
The live abalone.....RM 80 per kg.

While waiting for the dishes to be served,everyone was having cam-whore session!

Aunt Jen and her younger daughter
The steamed prawn.
The sauce for the prawns was so damn spicy.
Lil' Elvis love taking pic of everyone.
Caught this out of the blue.
"Everyone is eating while you're busy taking pics."
I remembered Kei told me this..haha

The fish is really superb duperb fresh.
The restauant always serves fresh seafood.
Crab with cheese.Yummy!!!!!
The main charater of the night-the steamed abalone!!!!
It's tasteless to me.
I don't know to eat expensive food.*_*

The entrace..........

It's time for our group pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone had a great night together even though a smal lil' unwanted accident happened.

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