Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Shenanigan's night @ Sabah

And so we had our island trip on Saturday morning,PARTY at night!!!!!
Our energy level supposed to be at the zero level to club after an exhausted day at the island.
Luckily,a cup of coffee from Aunt Jen and a nap boost our 'immune system' up!

Btw,we were enjoying watching MJ's 30th anniversary concert on 8 tv and didn't realise that it was time to get dressed as everyone was kinda had no mood to party.
Aunt JC was the first to get ready.

As usual,cam-whore with aunt as she loves it!
Aunt Mayyong,Aunt Jen,Aunt JC and jo @ the entrance of The Shenanigan's.
They are the hot mamas and they just party like us-the youngsters!
I look kinda 'plump' in this pic.

When I stepped into the club,I was so damn amazed with the interior design and the people there.
The music is awesome,much much better than B.E.D.
It's my 1st time there.
It made me have the feelings as I'm at Pure Bar.

Once the drinks have been served,the only thing that aunt JC and the 3 musketeers kept saying was "Faster finish the drinks,we have not much time left as it's 12-ish!!!!"
The 3 muskeeters-->My diver uncle,Uncle tiong and steven .
The club had a session for the birthday boys and birthday girls of the night.
The dancefloor is so damn cool!!!!

Aunt JC kept asking me to spot a guy and get my ass to the dance floor once I spotted one.
As a result,no target at all! But different thing happened!!!
A caucasian guy apporached us!!GOSH!!He's a middle-age-guy.
Aunt JC asked about his nationality but he answere:"I'm from Kuala Lumpur."
Aunt gave himt he 2nd chance to tell the exact answer and the answer was the same.
She got kinda pissed of and said :"Malaysians don't have blonde hair!"'s way to funny though.
Aunt Jen And I

I'm enjoying stout while Steven enjoying jumping!!!!
The stout flamed up our night!!!!!

I've fallen for stout!

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