Saturday, September 05, 2009

Joined Toastmaster Club meeting for the first time on Friday night.
It's really beyond my expectation as it's really an interesting club with awesome people.

My instinct told me that Samuel would be late.
Guess what??I WAS RIGHT!!!

The first guy who introduced himself once I was seated was Daryl.
At least there's guy who intro himself 1st instead of waiting for the girls to make a move first.
This is followed by his speech which entitled 'BREAK THE SILENCE'.
He gave an example in breaking the silence on how to talk to a girl whom a guy doesn't know at all.
It's a bored title but with an interesting example.
1st-Must have confidence in starting a conversation

2nd-be prepared to continue the conversation

3rd-practice more as practice makes perfect..aha..This part really made everyone laughed !!!

As we proceed to table topic sentence, a question was appointed to a toastmaster who's experience in it.
"Whats the right time and the right age to get married?"

Guess what was the answer given:
"Never ever touch marriage. Once you have touch marriage, it's like a life-time imprisonment because once you're married,'accidents' do happen. Once the accident happens, it's a dark pit.If you're not married,you'll have all the freedom to travel around the world."

He's supposed to give some useful advice but he kept emphasizing not to get married.:)

Almost at the end of the meeting,I had to rush for the Ang Pow Festival meeting.
The festival will be on next Jan or Feb.
Everyone who attended for the 2nd interview have finally found out the exact post that they will be holding include me.

Had McD while on the way back.
Guess that I'm gonna have more works to do.

Till then................
Gonna update about the island trip when I'm free.

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