Friday, September 18, 2009

The Celebrity Puppy

Wherever you go in Kota Kinabalu,Sabah,it's a MUST to bring a cam along as there's always unexpected,unique and cool stuff happens!

After the walk @ Gaya Street on Sunday morning,a puppy which was crossing the road caught our attention with a MOBILE PHONE on its body!
The more shocking part was that it crossed the road on its own without being held by its owner.
In just a few mins,it had its fame as a celebrity puppy!
Its name is PEPSI-COLA.Cool ......

A few minutes of fame made it a superstar!
We then kept taking photo with it.And guess what????
It stood still without barking at us and running around to let us took as many pics as we want!!!

Its dressing is just the same as us-the ladies!
Necklace,earrings,sunglasses,headband and lots of cute stuff.
The uniqueness is that there's a lil' bird on his body.Of course the fake one!!!!

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