Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MV Doulos:Bringing knowledge,help and hope

Gaya Street AGAIN on Sunday morning,Doulos at night.

Just a brief story about MV Doulos.

MV Doulos is built in the year of 1914 which is 2 years younger than Titanic.She's now used as a floating bookshop that bring books to port cities around the world.
There are staffs who come from 50 different nations.
But they have something in common:each one has chosen to live as a follower of Jesus Christ.

My new batik style sling bag which costs me RM 10 ONLY!!!!!

I couldn't get a clear and sharp shot of the Doulos.*blame my lousy skill*

As we climbed the staircase up to the ship, we need to be superb extra careful as it's a really 'unique' design.
We're not sailors so we walked like a student.

The staircase which required our physical skill to get to the destination.

I was so busy taking pics of the ship and Jolene kept rushing me to move fast as she's was desperate to see those cute Caucasian guys!!!!

This is where the books are sold.
The prices for the books are reasonable as it's affordable for the students.

This book reminded me of my X'mas memory at a Ginger bread house.It cost 300 units which is only RM 24!
Worth it!

With Doulos signature books!

There are many types of books available.
Most of them are about religion.
Jolene insisted to get something from Doulos as she couldn't find any book which is suitable for her.
I've got myself 2 books and a postcard which cost me RM 18 ONLY!

Jolene and Stephanie are trying to be environmental friendly
The tinggi and the pendek
She wishes she could have a baby like the one in the post card.:)
Doulos mugs~

The most interesting part is that there are many books which can help the men and women to solve their problems.
In a way,"problems" in a more intimacy way.
God just wants everyone to have a happy marriage.*no offence*
The 5 sex needs for men and women.
Since when do I read book about animals?????
Btw,Jolene just wanted mt to pose and captured the BACKGROUND.
Get what I mean?

When it's time to pay,Jolene preferred to choose the cashier.She wanted to pay at a counter with a cute and handsome Caucasian.
She even requested to take a pic with him.

The stickers and the postcards corner

Worse to worse,she asked me to stand by the counter and take pic with the cashiers.
And I had to ask:"Can I take a pic with you?"
As Jolene was ready with my cam before I got to ask.She even asked the guy from the next counter to take a pic together.
Good job,couz!

And here we are!The 2 Caucasian guys and moi!

It's time for ice-cream after finish visiting the bookshop!
The Big Apple Donuts look-alike menu.
The ice-cream is really delicious which costs us RM2.50 for each cone.
Us with the ice-cream!
She asked me a very sweet question when I asked for a pic with her.
"You like photographing?"

When I have nothing else to shoot,the toilet is the best scene!
Tada...they have warm water for the basin!:)

As we leaving,we spotted a nice place to cam-whore!!!!
1st shot of Jolene

This is after many takes then only Jolene got a nice shoot with FLASH!!!

It's a very nice journey at Doulos as we're given a free poatcard on our way down to the staircase!
And this guy is so damn cute!
At least a clearer pic.
I should have brought a tripod along.
My best lesson EVER!
And here goes the Doulos!


BoZaki said...

Thanks for jumping into my blog. It seem that you are a UMS student.. by those picture here... it reminds me of my happy memory... haha.. Last 2 year when that ship arrived in KK, i went there with some of my friends.

Now that ship came again... some friendship already broke.

Jo Ann said...

u r welcome...thnx for dropping by.the ship will be in kk until the 20th.It's my 1st visit though but i heard that this is gonna be the final year for it to cross the port cities as the ship is too old.