Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tiny-mini update

breakfast during lecture after presentation

Finally I've got to have a good night sleep after the marathon mid-terms on Wednesday.
Had sleepless night before that and even couldn't put myself to sleep just for 5 mins.
I was stressed to the max!

Was supposed to stay up late last night to prepare for my presentation on today...however....
my body couldn't stand of the tiredness of the marathon mid-terms and shopping spree with couz.
Had to wake up at 5-ish this morning to get prepared with the presentation.
Luckily ,everything went smoothly.

Was on the phone with mum just now.
She keeps counting down the days that I'll be going home.
"You miss me isit?"

"No la."

"Then why you keep telling me how many days more I'll be back everytime I call you?"

"Just feel that time passes fast."

"Or you want me to teach Joshua to study for his exam as he doesn't listen to you?"

"Both la."

At last,mum admitted that she misses me!!!! *happy*

Chatted with couz Jamie and she's trying to talk like the 'Yo yo ' style.*hiphop style*

Jolene have to bribe her with Hannah Montana stuff to make her take a pic..:)

Spotted a cute funny thing @ Parkson,One Borneo while Jolene trying to find some HM stuff for Jamie.
Tada...........the baby alive diapers!!!!!!!

Buenos Noche!

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