Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Too lil' time,too many things to do

It's finals and 3 more papers to go.
Last paper on Friday then I'll be free.
've been wondering what can I do for the whole week before flying to Kuching besides getting myself busy with the uni event thingy.

Aaron keeps bugging to go to Ice Bar on the day we finish our last paper but I rejected it as the first thing that I'll do after finish my paper is to SLEEP!!!
Need some rest after using my brain for the calculus sub on Friday.
Derrick is worse than Aaron.He said wana drink on the 16th to the next day.
I absolutely agreed with it and suggested him a better way of doing it.
"You pay for the drinks and we'll drink till we drunk since you said wana get drunk".

I have so many to update but my finals have occupied my time.
UTC installation night, extra update for my birthday, Eugene's surprise belated birthday celebration and lots lots lots to go...................

Mum's learning to bake cakes and cupcakes from Aunt Esther who's been in Malaysia for almost a month and will be leaving off this Sunday.
Mum never really bakes as I'm the one always bake cakes,cookies and Shepherd's pie for my family and friends.

Dad's started his job in Thai.
Guess what?He called few days ago and kept seducing me with the Tomyam.GOSH!I love Tomyam so much!
It's so tempting when he told me about it.
Just imagine how sour and spicy it is!!!!
I wana go to Thai and spend my holiday!!
Btw,for FOOD!
Dad will be coming back next month which is a good timing as I'll be home for sem break.

Got my digital cam from sis by troubling my friend to bring it up all the way from Malacca.
Saw a video of Josh which 's dedicated to me.
Sis is bad and asked him some questions to annoy me.
I burst out laugh once I watched the video.
He talks like a baby!!!!
He's always a baby for us even if he's 9 now.

Oh ya,my shopping addiction is back!!!!!
Supposed to went for lunch with Hilda and 3 of the guys @ KFC as she had a voucher.
We paid RM15.50 for 2 sets of snack plate and a cheesy wedges.Superb worth it!
Hilda was the one who wanted to buy a pair of sandals but the sales @ PDI attracted us and we started to choose the clothes no-stop.
*FYI-I don't really buy clothes from PDI as most of the clothes do not suit my taste.*
But I spotted a semi-dress top which really caught my heart.
Done,tried it and paid for it.
Passed by Charles & Keith and Hilda was the one wanted to take a look at the shoes but I was the one ended up leaving the shop with a pair of Gold shoes!
I was hesitating for so long and kept asking her if I should buy it as I've been searching for the shoes for so long and the price is reasonable.
The main mission of the day supposed to be Hilda,the one who shopped but ended up I joined her along.She did buy lots of things too...haha

Kinda worry about my financial once I go back as I know I'll be broke and I need to spend money to go to JB and meet my babe since she'll be coming back from Taiwan for a week.
Missed out a part-time job offer with high salary as I'll be in Sarawak.

Will post up more pics and videos of Josh!

Buenos suerte to those who are sitting for finals!

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