Monday, November 02, 2009

Words that caught my mind

Firstly,I would like to send my condolence to the UTAR student who was found drowned at the Kampar waterfall.

Read the news and found his blog link.

He was a good writer in blogging his post in English and Mandarin.
I respect him though.
Browsed through his blog and there's a post which really caught my heart with his words.


life is short..

life is unpredictable..
we just dunno what will happen next and what will things become next..

life is just not about ourselves.. it is about everyone around us..
life is not just about our own emotional and our own feeling..
life is about responsibility..
life is about how we live and how we appreciate what we have..

stop complaining and stop blaming..
step forward and move forward..
we are the one we will be going to change our life..
and not others that would determine our life..
love life..

by Jameskhor

And he's ended his 20 years of life by spending his fun time with his friends at the waterfall.


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