Friday, November 20, 2009


Gosh!I'm gonna have a hectic sem break though.
Holiday in Kuching, going back to JB to meet an old friend who will be coming back from Taiwan,Babe's 21st birthday and couz Grace wedding!!!!

Mum called and told me that couz will be getting married in the beginning of December.
I'll be her 'ji mui'.
The first thing that came into my mind is dress!
I'm having a big headache is not because I don't have a nice one but I've gained weight.
Not just a lil' but alot!!!*Maybe those who used to hold my waist will realize about it*
How can I get a body like Anglina Jolie in 1 week so that I could fit into a sexy yet pretty dress?!?!?!
I've been eating non-stop with my friends in Sabah after our finals,gonna have a trip which full of food in Kuching and the worst is I'm gonna join my friends for 'food tour' in Malacca.

'm planning to work out at the gym once I've finished my holiday which full of food but everything just comes so fast.Gosh!!!!

Oh ya!A jerk who farked up his life approached me for a 2nd chance.
Sounds funny to me as he had asked for countless of 2nd chances.
I didn't even give a DAMN no matter how many times he begged me for just a 2nd chance.
Get a life,JERK!!!!!
You farked up your life and that's what you should get.I don't buy your story anymore!!!!!
You're someone who has no future at all AND you don't even have a plan ahead for yourself!!!
Stop being a parasite on girls!!!!Stop thinking that you're a wise guy!You're just a bastard who cheats,lies and screws others' life!
Please get as many mirrors as you CAN AFFORD to see what kind of jerk are you!!!!
Stop thinking that any girl you ask to be together will just stay by your side!
Honestly,I sympathize on your mother who has this kind of son!
Stop being so obsessed!
Since you can't live without girls and sex,GO AND BE A GIGOLO!
I meant what I said!
You are just being selfish wana have someone to love you and it's not that you wana love someone!
Don't bullshit infront of me and keep telling me that you wana love a girl!Fuck off!
Get yourself a dictionary and understand the meaning of LOVE.
And stop saying that you ruined your life because of the materials L used to give to you!
You don't even have a perfect pair of legs to stand on your own!

Sorry,sounds superb angry and pissed off.I'm trying to let someone understand what I wana say as I don't think he understands ENGLISH no matter how good is he in literature.
Please go and understand every single word that I said in this post if you're reading it.

I guess I shall stop talking about it by now.
My friends and I had a ncie trip to Kudat and Tip of Borneo .
The picturesque scenery really amazes me!
I have so many pics to upload but the connection here is so bad that I can't even get to upload pics to my blog.
Really sorry!
I promise I'll post up those great pics soon when I'm at a place with a better connection as currently I'm staying at a friend's place till I leave for Kuching!


YenSze86 said...

wow... you sound really angry... Well WE should be angry. hahaha~!! No way man, no one will ne going down that road anymore. Jerk~ Ass~ Freak~ wek~ haha~!! Chill chill... don;t give a damn about what he says. He is like shooting many arrows and hoping that one hits the bull's eye. Fat hopes, we tell him. Those who had a 'taste' of him will know for sure what kind of a fucked up he is. Chill k... be strong~

Jo Ann said...

yup...really angry...I think it's better that he jump off from a building and ends his life.This jerk has no life at all..all he knows is depends on a girl.He thinks that he's always so lucky so hit the bull's eyes and acts pity in front of girls.Stupid!same to u too..let's pray that he screws up his life over and over again!!!haha