Saturday, January 02, 2010

My 2010 resolutions

I had a great year in 2009 except my life was kinda chaotic with a jerk kept obsessing with me.
Overall,it's a great year with great people!

It's my first time posting about my resolution for a new year.
Of course,I'm greedy enough to have as many resolutions as I can!

The list begins with..........

1)I shall party lesser and lesser compares to last year.

2)I should find a way to quit drinking,at least let me have Guinness Stout,please!

3)I shall find a better way to answer people's question, "Do you have a bf?"/"Why don't you find one since you don't have?"/"When do you wana get into a relationship?"

4)Quit tattooing for a least a year.Everyone is complaining about me getting tattoo non-stop!

5)Spend more time with my family! <3

6)Get pretty dresses for Nic's wedding.

7)Earn lots of $$$$$ during sem break.

8)Hoping for another Sarawak trip.

9) And of course get flying colour results!

10)Upgrade my DSLR which costs me $$$!!!!

11)Travel to more places!

12)Holiday to Bali with Babes!

13)Complete my toastmaster by getting a CC.If I could.

14)I want to have a peaceful year without that jerk disturbing me again!I warned him few times but he just doesn't understand ENGLISH!

15)Visit dad in another country.

I think that's all for my resolution for now.
With lots of love.

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