Monday, May 24, 2010

No hatred.Forgiveness.Love once in life.

*Mind you this post is all about what I feel like writing.*

I should always learn to expect something unexpected.
I'm saying this as I got something which never crossed my mind all these while after what had happened few years ago.
He sent a msg to me via Facebook.He's in my friend list but we never talked to each other until last night when I logged in.
The 1st time ever I got a msg from him in FB.
He was in Malacca. yeah..unexpected.
He gave me his number.
Since I don't have it anymore because I deleted it and dropped my phone
*that's what I told him but was re-arranged by him* LOL!

I text him .He called.
I expected him to ask me out for a drink because he 'stated' that 'we could go for a drink.'
When he called,he needed me to be his model for his photo shoot to build his portfolio.LOL!
It's midnight! It's not that I have never done something crazy before.
Met at 12.30 in the midnight.
Photo shoot took place in the middle of the road in Jonker Walk.
yeah 2 photographers so I should have expected those passerby's reaction.
Things went well at the beginning until I was asked to act EMO for the next few shots!
EMO is not in my list anymore!

He managed to make me feel emo by asking me to think of something that happened.
He just knows me well.
Cuz I was supposed to wear heels but he knows that I hate wearing heels to walk around so I was excuse not to wear it <3

During the whole night,we managed to talk about lots of things which it never happened before when we were together.
Just felt comfortable talking with him by sharing what we've gone through in this few years.
No hatred. Forgiveness.

He made me realized something:"Some people's life gets better but some people's life get worse."
He's true though.

For the 1st time ever, I think that I know him too well.
Why didn't it happen few yrs back?
Maybe we were too young and now both of us are getting older and older.
Yeah..I was like an old lady and kept advising him about lots of stuff.
Maybe I'm hoping the better for his life.

I felt relief but at the same time confused.

Funny thing was that we went to watch "The Bounty Hunter" on Sunday.
The movie involves an ex-husband and an ex-wife.
We're ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend who watched the movie together.
The feelings was weird.
Btw,it's a boring movie.

We did talk about our memories together and it made us feels so funny though.
We were young.
I know how much he hurt me but everything is just a past.
I forgive myself and him for what had happened.
I couldn't believe that I did it as I'm a person who kept revenge!

The one who hurts you the most is the one you love the most in your whole life.
We only love once in our life.
I believe.

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PeeWeet said...

love is so precious....