Monday, July 05, 2010

1 Malaysia Photography Exhibition,Taylor's Lakeside Campus

Canon and Taylor's University College has collaborated in organizing a '1 Malaysia Photography Contest' in conjunction with the 1 Malaysia concept by the Government.

The contest was held in May and the Top 250 photos would be chosen from 600 submissions.
The chosen photos would be sold during the exhibition and not forgotten to mention that the money would be donated to a charity organization-LivingHope

The exhibition was held on the 12th of June.

It was my first photography contest that I joined and I was blessed that my entry was chosen.
I was over-joyed when the result was out!
Congratulation to myself!

I drove to KL with mum,sis,and bro just for the exhibition!
We stayed overnight at my Uncle's place in Rawang.
I invited my aunt and uncle to the exhibition as my aunt loves photography too and it's a golden opportunity.

Baby bro was ready for the day!

Breakie time before we departed to Taylor's!

Sis was 'enjoying' the football news early in the morning.

We met some unwanted incident on our way to Taylor's Lakeside Campus.
We went there by 2 cars and the tyre of aunt's car was 'burst'(in a serious way).
The tyres of the car need to do some alignment.
Btw,we met 2 Samaritans! A Japanese old man and a middle-age guy.
We chatted with the guy while waiting for my Uncle to get some help. He's awesome!


I admire photographers who take nude pictures!
It is an ART!
We found out that he studied about photography when my aunt acknowledged him that we were on our way to a photography exhibition.
I was so amazed at him as he used a SLR but not DLSR for his photography.
He doesn't even own a DSLR!
He even shared with me some of his photography knowledge!

Btw,the most fucked-up thing is that........
Taylor's Lakeside Campus was not located in Blackberry Bold GPS!!!!

The interior design of the exhibition

All the chosen photos were exhibited

The winners for the 1st ,2nd and 3rd prize.

the 2nd place winner.

the 1st place winner.I love this!

the 3rd place winner

My photo!

I realised that it looked dark when I saw it at the exhibition.
Lesson:Develop the pics before submit to the competition

One of my favos.

The lucky draw session was held every 2 hours and we're so lucky that we won a Canon IXUS 200 IS!!!!!!!!!!

How lucky were we...hahahahahahha

They have goodies bag for us too!!!!!!!!
Forgot to take pics of the goodies in the bag.

I was filling in the form to buy my photo from the exhibition ..ahahahah...
I want to get it!
It's not that nobody buys it ,k?
but it was a failure as I filled the form with messiness.

Baby bro wanted to try his luck for the 2nd lucky draw.hahahah.....

Cousin Jamie.My genius cousin!

In the end,my uncle bought my photo!
Felt heartache to leave my photo though.

I didn't know what were we talking about......

Baby bro and Big sister!

I love my attire of the day!

This is ART!


The rice art at the entrance.

1) We didn't win a Camera but it's a camera-liked 4GB thumbdrive.

2)Uncle gave me the photo that he bought from the exhibition.So touch!

I learned lots of things through this exhibition.
More photography exhibition to go..................


Victor Tan said...

I'm a Taylorian too :)

Troy Richardo Mulyono said...

photography exhibition in malay? lol
great pictures btw, I love the one that the skinny topless uncle snapped a picture, classic~

Best Regards,
Troy Richardo Mulyono

Yekaterina said...

Where is this. i am just getting into photography. want to buy a camera. what is a good place? heard it one of the best.