Saturday, July 17, 2010

Eat and Party to the MAX!

Rushed for our final gathering dinner right after DJ class.

The gang was so impatience to wait for me as they were shopping for few hours...

Dinner @ Seoul Garden.
It's a Korean style steamboat.

everyone was superb hungry until they ignored me taking a pic!

Babe was so 'desperate' for food!

jaz n cathy

Since everyone was so busy with food and no time to take over my Cassy so I had to cam-whore myself with them as my

We got to fry the food on the side pan.....and with the chilli hot soup!

At least this time we got a pic together .
we're always busy with our cam and in the end there's no pic of us!

We're the meat eaters!!!!!
Scary wei!

my suggestion in doing our 'secret-recipe' fried me.
I have my self-hired chef to do that though!

My personal chef-Eric teo

The outcome..not bad least it's the food for human!

He always asks us to take a pic with him.
It wasn't me only but everyone was like 'MUST' take a pic with him.

He asked me to lean against him as the pic will look better.FHL!

Babe Sherlynn with her recipe of kacang with ice kacang...Whatever!

As usual,the GAYS~

Selection of food

We couldn't resist when we saw MIRRORS!!!!

Jaz always wana take the ugly side of me..As revenge!

With my favo strawberry ice-cream...even though it's not from Baskin Robbins...

the besties~

group pic @ Seoul Garden

Whenever we have our gathering before starting a new sem, party will be the 'dessert'.
As usual,our favorite hang-out place to party-Pure Bar!

Cam-whored while waiting for Eric to pick me up after I drove home.....
Sherlynn can't stand of my cam-whore habit..haha

my loved ones!

the 'flirt-ers' always!

Love this...Cuz i love her lacey dress!

Jo,Sherlynn and Yee-Suki's hubby!

Jaz,Suki and moi

everyone was going good with the Flaming Lamborghini.....

Few seconds later.......
thing turned out to be suffering as someone ordered a 911 right after that.......

we're 'queuing' up for it.....way to go mannn!!!

the suffering faces of US after drinking too much!

Everyone had so much fun DRINKING!
I drove Eric and Jaz...ok,to Babe Sherlynn's home to have my McD!
2nd half world cup match after party!
Awesome!Cuz I wasn't drunk!

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