Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A.W.E.S.O.M.E Ending of Twenty-Ten!

Sis and I were so excited to be back home.
The only thing that made me excited was my baby bro Josh!

Looking at him standing at the terminal of Melaka Central reminded me of not seeing him for 2 months!
My baby bro has grown up!

Just sticked with him once we reached..hahaha....And of cuz pics of him!

And once again I've got a new hairstyle to get rid of my medium length hair!
More boyish this time!
Love it!

Call me HANDSOME instead!

One of the precious things in my life that makes me happy is Barbie dolls!!!!
I bought the Marilyn Monroe Barbie on eBay!
It's the 1st thing that I quickly went to have a look once I reached home!!!!
I spent some time looking at her awesome gold dress.It's so detailed!
Her make-up,her hairstyle,her earrings, her pose!

Btw,I do miss my Butterfly!
Am not talking about the butterfly on my lower waist.
I'm talking about the one that I have in my room!

My work of art in my room.How colorful it is!
One of the 'living' thing in my room!!hahahhahhah

On the 2nd week of my holiday,I remembered how hectic was my Saturday as it's all about friends and family day!

Was super tired but still catch-up with my babes in the club!
Okay fine.Most of us went drunk (not me though) due to the over-consumption of liqueur!

Dad was back home.
Sunday was our family day!

Food is a MUST whenever baby bro is with us!

I had the MOST A.W.E.S.O.M.E.ST French Toast with lots of Peanut Butter!!!!

Food was great but Malaysia Government has DEAD brain!
See how they wana kill the human beings by getting rid of the divider just to solve the traffic congested problem!!!
They solve a problem but created another problem!

The government is STUPIDO but the GOD always brighten up our day!
It's double RAINBOW!
It is like once in a year to have double rainbow in Malacca compares to Sabah.

Grabbed baby boy to be the model at home..hahhaha
He always gives me sexy and innocent poses!

For my baby bro's sake,I went to get his favo M'sian artist's signature.
I was super thick face!
Baby bro was super shy to take a pic but preferred to be the photographer.

He so into the guy at the front. Orange, Keli and Melvin. 8tv artists.

While doing some window shopping, baby bro made me pose with the so-called snowman!


Then I made him to take  a pic with the naked Christmas deer!!!!hahahahha

Was glad to be back to JB~My 2nd hometown...the place where I grew up!
It was nice to spend time with my cousins and did some shopping!

Went to hang out at Walker's for some beer.
DJ was awesome!
Frankly speaking, the DJ was much much better than the one in Malacca.

The best cousins!

We had 'FROG' porridge in the midnight in JB!!!!

Tea-time together!!!!!!!!!!!!

When it comes to Christmas..........................

Baby boy is the big snowman at home!!!hahahahha

Christmas eve dinner with the gang at Irish Bar.
Sadly,Malaccans are too nerd to hang out at such a wonderful place!
We didn't see many people on Christmas eve!WTF!!!!

Irish Bar has awesome Guinness Draught and nice food!!!

This is the way mannnn!!!!

I love the PIZZA!!!!

Last reunion before leaving!

The THICK FACE guy who came for a drink at the last minute!

Was craving for cakes and dragged both of them out.
Babe was there few hours before us!

Cakes and gossip are the main part!

Cheers to Miller Crepe at Nadaje!

Till then,
I had a wonderful year.

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