Saturday, January 15, 2011

23 is scaring me off!!!!!

Time passes by......
It's the year of 2011!!!

Reflashing back the time when I was 18.This is what I always think of when I see young girls in the club.

When  I was 17++,I've started to club everyweek.Worse comes to worse,I partied at least 3 days a week!

When I was 18,I had my 1st tattoo.
When I was 18,I had my birthday celebration in a club,
When I was 18,I started to search for my freedom instead of hanging on with my miserable life after I fell down for so many times in my life.
Being hurt from time by time was part of my 18-year-old life.
I started to say 'NO' to LIFE CONTROLLER and just to go for what I wanted.
When I was 18,I'm glad that I've met few great people in my life.
Sometimes friends that you make in the club can be yr best friends too!
Yeah,that's what I've got.

19 comes after 18,things were doing good.
Party life was still as usual.
And I've got my 2nd tattoo!
I had my birthday eve at the Revolution Party.
I learned to know that everyone has different perception in the meaning of 'friend'.
I still have my close ones with me.
I fell down for another time and it was the last fall that I've made.

The number '1' had come to an end.
'2' is the starter of the year.
I realised that why the women are so scared of their age when they get older.
I started to feel scared of 2 in my life.
Drinking life getting more and more due to my working factor.
I rewarded myself with tatts,holidays and great gadgets for my effort.
3rd tattoo is the continuation from the previous year.
Uni life when I was 20.

When it comes to my 21st , things were getting better and better.
Friends and family are my priorities.
I had my 4th tattoo as my 21st birthday present!
I 've got a DSLR as a gift too!
I could say that my wishes were fulfilled!

I was no longer the 21 years old girl.
Birthday seem to be nothing special when I was 22.
I made a resolution for quitting tattoo for a year and I DID IT!
I'm glad that I have friends whom I can talk to .
I was hit by the biggest negative impact ever like a Tsunami from the people who were trying to pull me down from what I've achieved.
This is the true colour of society that I'll be facing in the future.
I remembered that I was lost in direction for few months.
Getting rid of the past and moving on for the future is what I said to myself.
I just have to be strong enough.
I knew I couldn't do it and would break out but I did hang on.

It's another new year and I'll be turning 23-year-old.
The biggest phobia would be "When do you wana get into a relationship?"
That's the most difficult question ever since I'm single for 2 yrs ++.
Maybe I haven't met the right guy yet.
That's all I could say.

Yeah,I know I'm getting older and older.
You don't need to remind me because I'm counting my age as the way I count the little sheep before I go to bed.

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~*+!@_branson_@!+*~ said...

erm,now stil call u jo ann jie or call u auntie jo ann o? hahaha xD