Thursday, January 06, 2011

My 2K11 Resolutions!!!!

Yeappie!!!! Finally I have the time to do my 2K11 resolution list!!!
I'm super duper greedy this year!
I want everything!!!!!!

1) Grab a Blackberry
It's time for me to get a new phone as my Pinkish is going to condemn soon! Moreover I can 'foresee' myself to have a better communication tool due to the people that I have to contact nowadays. Atleast I've got to email anytime anywhere!

2)Climb Mount Kinabalu
It's a must to experience it once in your life time!!!!hahahahahhahahha
I dun wana be 'teased' for not climbing Mount Kinabalu after studying for 3 yrs..hahahahahahhah

3) Graduate with a good result
So far so good now...I'll be graduating this year!!!!!! Hoorayyyyy!!!!!

4)Do all my best and achieve great performance for my internship
I've got accepted into a company which I've wanted for!!!!! Thank God! Gonna do my best !!!

5)Achieve Competent Communicator for Toastmasters Club
At least must get a CC for Toastmasters Club!!!!!

6) Get a new lappie
I stil love my current lappie but I should have a new one for future use.

7)More new hairstyle to go for
Am super crazy with trying different hairstyle as my hair grows quite fast and I wana look different!!!Muahahahhahahahahahha

8)Get more collections of Barbie Dolls
Shall save more of my money to get my dream dolls which cost me more than RM 500!!!! It's a satisfaction though!

9) Spend more time with family and friends
Family and friends play an important role in my life. Friends are the one who motivate me to go on with my life!

10)Be a pro pool player
Hahahahhah...this sounds insane!I started to play pool 3 months ago and super addicted to upgrade my skill and beat the guys...EVIL!!!

11)Be young of course!
When I think of the new year, I would start to think of my age!
I'm 23 this year!!!!
Now I know why women are so scared to remember of their own age!!!!!!!!

I can only have 11 resolutions as it's 2K11!!!!!!!!

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