Friday, March 18, 2011

1st Boot Camp!

Woke up at half past 5 in the morning and had my virgin experience at the bootcamp organised by Core Fitness.
Was invited by a friend to join as her friend is one of the instructors.
Oh ya he's a Malaccan!
The bootcamp was held at the seaside at Tanjung Lipat.

The boot camp lasted for an hour and it was super duper suffering for a person who doesn't work out much as me.
Luckily for the past one month I did have dance practice to work my ass out.
It is something new to try out and 

At first only us 4 ladies and a super masculine guy pushed the Hilux.
But when the instructors thought that we looked super relax and it seemed to be a easy peasy task so they themselves hopped onto the 4WD and asked the masculine guy to tag along.
Left the 4 ladies to do the job.
Guess what????The ladies are strong enough to do it!!!!
Hi5 to the ladies!!!!!!

We went for breakfast after the work out and it was such a great Wednesday to meet so many new people!
Met a local blogger Jackie and she's such an amazing lady!!
Check out her web then you will know why would I say so!
These people are so outgoing that they talk about everything!
It's all about Mars and Venus!

We're going to Twestival!!!!!!!
More fun coming soon!!!!!

p/s:will try to get some pixxies

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hi.. nice to meet you. u are malaccan too? yup, i'm study in taiwan now lah! i thk i saw u be4, coz u are familiar lah! hehehhe... wish u all the best in bootcamp! hahahaha...