Friday, March 18, 2011

Go Vintage!

A good Monday Blue to start off after an unusual weekend!
I dressed up differently for my morning class just to PLEASE my mood.
I'm a HAPPY girl when I have fashion and style! *LOVE*

Vintage-liked watch with gray multi pattern top and leopard bag

Green top to match the whole dull colour outfit
I don't prefer dull color for my outfit so I always add some 'clash' colour.

I DIY this gray long slip to match it with any outfit.

What I wear:
Green top: Old Navy (RM 4.90)
Gray long slip: 'antique' in the wardrobe
Bag: Nichii
Watch: Vincci Accessories (RM 20)
Jeans: self-owned
Shoes: CLARKS air (RM 289.90)

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