Friday, April 01, 2011

How a pair of shoes get us a FRIENDHSIP?

Recently I've been emailing with this friend of mine who is from China since she can't get to access Facebook back in her country.

At first we used to MSN each other but due to the not-so-coincidence time to go online, so instaed of waiting the right time to chat, we email!

She's a senior of mine but she's one year younger than me!
Now you can see how suck is Malaysian Education! You're always older than the foreign students!
Ok, back to topic!
It makes me feel happy to talk to her in email.
The first time that we get 'click' together when we found our interest topic!
And just because of a pair of pumps from Vincci++ and that made us closer!

Then we started to update each other about anything regarding our course and studies.
She's a super hard-working girl than me and she's smart!

Caught up with her for dinner at La Fuente before she left Malaysia for China.
We miss each other and thats the only thing we kept mentioning in our mails. :)

It's something special that a pair of shoes bind our friendship !

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