Saturday, October 21, 2006

'Advanced' holiday!!!!

on the way to A'famosa with ugly smile
all of us on the bed.....haha
suling was the loser......

catherine n i at the balcony
everyone was arguing where to wait for the banana truck to water world
the 1st pic we took once we reached club house
guess what is this??i thought it's the thing that i used to play when i was young but it's the food for the fish
alot of 'fat' fish in this pond.haha
i love this's a nice place
without me in this pic..i was the photographer
At club house...
preparing for dinner....
both of us are the vege washers..haha
suhui n yoke fang
the owner of the condo....
in the lift
3 of us
at the pool
i had to watch them swim pity...
just took this pic ailessly cuz i couldn't tattoo's fault
siqi n jazlyn
the contestant F1 and M1...pls vote them
before we left the pool
going back after a swim
hungry ghosts couldn't wait for their dinner....
our dinner..steamboat.........nice food
the towels................
1st attempt
2nd attempt
finally the best shot
can u spot something???
i dunno what the hell is this but i just took this pic on cathy's request

jazlyn n i in the room

david's girlfriend n i..this girl is cute n nice
suhui n the loser
1st activity..karaoke
our best entertainer
late night's perfect with beers
a beer,poker card and timtam
haha...1st attempt once they said i was drunk
i was given 2 seconds to get ready...actually it's timing self-capture
the same old thing he did everytime we take a snap i look drunk?????


*today is the last day of our 'advanced' holiday at A' sad...:-(
*it's our turn to have fun at safari world since few of them had have fun yesterday at water world.So we left the rest of them at the condo to clean up the place..haah
*but we're pity today cuz we couldn't have a nice breakfast..we've finished all the nice food last night...guess what??16 of us shared 7 eggs for breakfast..1st come 1st serve..haha
*we had to use the rice cooker to cook the instant mee....haha..this really showed that we're damn pity......
*we didn't have our lunch at all...cuz the food thre was too expensive...nah..actually we had fun until didn't feel hungry at all
*however,we had fun at safari's nice ..haha..jazlyn n i were the 'lab rat' for elephant show cuz the rest of them couldn't wait for the show then went back to the condo n sleep..
*but jazlyn n i got a chance to take some pics with those lil' 1st experience
*it's almost 5 p.m when we got back to the condo..then an hour later we hit the road back's such a nice 'advanced' holiday!

our breakfast..left over from the steamboat,instant me,packed milo and egg
both of us were the 1st to get ready
love this place
in the room..only the 3 of us were ready
on the banana truck shuttle service to safari world
both of us couldnt be bothered to wait for them..hehe...
they are real!!!!!it's expensive to take a pic with these two tigers
these two smalled clawed otters are so pity!!!!They were asking for help but no one could help them!!!
an old turkey
before the multi animal show!!!!
oh gosh!!!They r torturing the dog!!!!!!!!!!!
haha..this is cute!!!!!!the sun bear is riding a scooter!!!!
i've forgotten wat is this called
they're beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
the 1st pic once we got into the ferry
cool gang.........
on the way to monkey island
at monkey island...ermmm can't see any monkeys here
on the ferry
mirror mirror on the wall.y do you make us look so UGLY?????
we're in the 'human cage' to safari!!!!!!!!!help!!!!!!!!!!!!
before the wild wild west show!!!!!
the opening of the show!!!
they are cool!!!!!!!!!the end of the show
the one and only red indian with us
all of us with the wild wild west performers..the show was great!!!!!!!!
she's the 1st one to sneak into the place
jazlyn n i sneaked into the place to take pics with these chicks
it's me!!!!
this is nice!!!!!
i'm the chosen one...haha
the last bird to fly stubborn
these are what they called sexy ladies.the way they walked r funny
a massage from the elepahnt....jaz was suffering...luckily i pushed her to go for it
jazlyn on the elephant....she's lucky cuz no bad smell from it
a ride on the wasn't the right time to ride on it cuz it smelled bad when it 'fan' for me
i was the 1st's nice!!!
feiyee was the 2nd victim
left the both of us after the elephant show...on the way back to condo
the cam was on the tv..haha
big family pic
the last pic i took before we set off


p/s:couldn't get to update my post once i got back cuz it's late n i was damn tired

*i've spent 3 hours to update this post

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