Saturday, October 14, 2006

i hate friday 13th!!!! It SUX!!!!!!!!!!!

It's true that everyone said that friday 13th is a bad luck day!!!I didn't believe it when i heard it from this morning until it happened on me!!!!!!!!!

First,i received a 'STUPID' message from a guy...guess wat????He sent me a 'i love you' to me..hello!!!!!!i've rejected you many times so just face the fact!!!!!!!!What the hell?!?!?!?!?!I hate those guys who can't accept the fact!!!!!i feel like killing him n let him 'disappear' from this world.....

Next,my aunt 'offered' to do a special 'facial' for me...ok...that's good...however,my face really looked sux after many 'red spots' on my face..OMG!!!i thought it's ok since i wasn't going anywhere later then but i've forgotten that i had to go for dinner with my cousin.We went to McD for dinner.Once i just stepped into the place...another SIAL thing happened to me..i bumped up with my high school senior whom i didn't meet for a few months..he's getting more handsome now but i looked like shit!!!Malunya aku when i talked to face looked ugly!!!!!He kept asking about having me as his girlfriend(everyone knows that he's a playboy ..just like his dad) but i couldn't change the topic at all...anyway i quickly went to have my cousin kept saying that he's handsome..ya i really can't deny it!!!even my mum said that he's handsome!!!He then came to my seat before he left...we chit chat for quite long....i was so embarassed to talk to him cuz of my face!!!i thought everything was over until i bumped up with my classmates at jonker walk...of cuz they thought wat's wrong with my face cuz it's fine when i was in school...i didn't really talk to him n quickly 'blah' 1st.......So 'suey' man!!!!

Now,i really believe the myth of friday 13th!!!!!!!!

***P/s:i couldn't post my it on time cuz of the internet connection!!!streamyx is sux!!!!

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