Tuesday, October 24, 2006

*today is our 1st cousin trip..so i decided that all of us go for tea-time after our lunch with our family..
*supposed to go out yesterday but due to our transport problem so we had to cancel it..the main reason for us to go out is to celebrate aaron's birthday...now we'd to delay 2 days to celebrate his birthday.....
*all of us were being nagged by aaron's mum before we went out cuz she's worried abt jolene's driving skill and our behaviour............haha
*however,our plan A 's failed so we've to go for our plan B..actually we didn't have plan B at all but just saying that we had..anyway we missed our chocolate steamboat n had to go to another place....East Garden
*the food there was no bad though but they don't have many choices.....anyway we had fun
*later at night,we went for our 'usual' dinner with all of them..i mean family members.....
1st attempt
we took this 2nd shot cuz john complaint that his head's 'lost'.haha
yummy...cheese wantan ..delicious but fattening...
2 cheese wantan lovers!!!!!!so seductive..haha
i'm the only one who wasn't eating...
this really posers!!!!!!!!
dunno wats wrong with jolene..see her eyes!!!
now only i realised that my hair was so messy.......
two guys having fun drinking..i dunno wat are their drinks
both of us in the toilet of DP
haha..look..adrian n jolene were bz eating...
jolene took this pic when i was bz talking with dunno who.I 'sapu' the whole plate of prawns
3 big eaters
after dinner
erm..i think somebody is missing..supposed to be 10 of us
aaron n i...happy birthday to both of us...
family pic
joshua n i
birthday girl n birthday boy infront of the cake but i pulak 'perasan' cut the cake alone

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