Wednesday, November 01, 2006

the last time i updated my blog was last week..kinda busy after the day i updated my last to make thing easy,i'll update a post about the last few days before the end of October.
27 Oct
Today is my 1st day of work at Digi Roadshow.It's at Tesco hypermarket.Everything 's cool as this is not my 1st time working for Digi.This job gives me the most freedom cuz i can eat whenever i want,no pressure and so so...Actually my couz-in-law owns one of the counter so i just work for fun.Working at tesco is bored as i saw many aunties n uncles busy doing their grocery shopping n not interested in buying a new simpack for their numbers.Anyway time passed so slow,i was waiting for after work so that i could go clubbing..nah,it's because i'm gonna celebrate my birthday with my friends.
It's 10.30 p.m.Yeah!!!It's the time to club.i couldn't wait for any longer n quickly went to change my tops n it's not good to let Eric waited for so long as he purposely came to pick me up after work.Everything went smoothly until David text me that his girlfriend's not allowed to enter the club.OMG!!!!Why is everything so bad luck as we've planned for everything?!?!?We had no choice but to change to another club that 'allow' the underaged girls to enter.Therefore,we changed our plan to Sparzo(i think the spelling is correct cuz that's my 1st time been there n i didn't notice the name).The club is nice though as there are pools for us.Something funny happened there when we clubbed.Jazlyn n the rest of them thought that Shaun is my boyfriend..haha...we're closed like brother n sister so don't misunderstood about that.After spending almost an hour over there,we changed our plan back to Pure Bar and asked david n the rest of them 'balik rumah'.So bad!!!What to do???The majority of us wanted to go to Pure and the place is better.Its almost 1 a.m when we reached there and we haven't cut the cake.everybody just thought the cake is 'invisible' and continue to club.After half an hour,i decided to cut the cake cuz 2 of my friends had to go home.I thought maybe i could go to the washroom 1st but what'd happened was the DJ in the club wished me at the wrong time.....I've 'lost' the chance to go to the toilet.K,never mind.Once i opened the's melted.Kesiannya.....:-( They tried to play a fool with me after i blowed the candle but luckily i was smart..haha....Andy,u must be smarter than me the next time.Guess what?Everyone was like crazy clubbers once we reached Pure Bar.Maybe it's cuz of the atmosphere and the music there.Later then,I got a suprise from someone.I thought who was that who suddenly handed a rose infront of me but out of my mind it's Halton who gave it to me.....I was quite shocked !!!!Anyway we'd fun though eventhough someone promised to come but he broke it!!(you know who you are)

28 Oct
It's my birthday today but i had to work.What to do???this is the 2nd year that i had to work on the day of my birthday.Anyway i was damn tired today as i only got to sleep for 3 hours.I deserved it!!!!Not feeling well today cuz i caught a cold at portugesse settlement last midnight..we like to lepak there everytime after clubbing..I didnt really have the mood to work as i had a 'sleepless' night .Oh ya,supposed to club again to night as Raymond couldn't make it last night.However,due to my 'sick' condition i had to reject it.Less a day of clubbing is ok though.Right after work,Raymond called me n asked me to go over there as everyone was at the club...sadly,i couldn't make it at all eventhough i hesitated the whole day whether to go or not.Never mind everything will be fine the next day.Happy Birthday to me!!!!

29 Oct
Today is the last day of work.Cool!!Get to sleep well then.Something happened when i was working.A customer who's my couz-in-law friend misunderstood that i'm my couz-in-law's brother girlfriend...maybe that's what he thought cuz he and I are like those 'main-main' type but quite close though.however,of cuz i've to protect myself so l told him that impossible cuz we're long distance relatives it's just that i was given the responsible to look after of everything during the roadshow while he's the boss.This is strange cuz it's the 1st time i really talked to my couz-in-law's brother.Ok then,that's how my day passed............................

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