Saturday, July 26, 2008

My day

After starbucking.
Ok,I do 'visit' Starbucks and MNG every weekend.And I do spend on them every week.
With a good cause.No harm!

When I was searching for an' emergency' place,I've paid 1 buck just for the toilet entry.
It'a a VIP!
There's even a PLATINUM standard for the toilet there!Macam credit cards!!!Haha....
I've never entered the platinum one but wil do it someday...even though I 'visit' the mall every week.

I've paid for it so must take some pics of the so-called VIP toilet!

the over view of the's a personal toilet
please ignore my management book...
not even a piece of toilet paper in it!!!!!It's empty BUT my bag is full of stuff!
last pic before i left the 'private' loo...haha

I realised that the difference between the non-VIP and VIP is the 'existing' scent !And also the dried roses!Ok,I don't know the roses are fake or dried!

It's makan time for me!
I didn't even have my breakfast and lunch before hitting my day at Starbucks!
I was going insane for food after Starbucking!I didn't know where should I eat?!
I've gone to Secret Recipe,Kenny Roger's,Sushi King,Pizza Hut,Old Town Cafe,Laksa Restaurant and blah....blah.....blah......
Finally I'v found my 'way' for food!
I need PASTA!
And they have it there!!!!!!

New York New York!

I love the design of the menu!Looks cool!

Green apple cooler and the 'NEW YORK POST ' menu!
love the environment!
I took a pic of this tissue just to remind me the name of the place.No more bad habits!
Breakfast+lunch+dinner=meal of the day=tagliatelle alfredo crisp

The food:A++
The drinks:A
The service:A+++
The friendliness:A+++
The environment:A

The waitress was dancing during working hour..OMG!
And one of the waiter reminded me of Christopher-a bartender of a club!

Will pay a visit to there again!

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