Friday, July 25, 2008

Those days~

Something just crossed my mind...those happy times together which I've spent with my darling...
We used to club,drink and get drunk together...but the best thing is there's always someone who took a good care of us...How nice,ya?

We always had Flaming Lamborghini as our main course!I know it's ridiculous!
We enjoyed it!Who cares?!
That's life!
The time for us to club together has become lesser as my darling has moved back to KL and started her career!It's something good for her though!
It's undeniable that she's the best though!
She's given me the best birthday celebration ever!
*include the 3 of my girlies*

I miss the 'foreigner' gang whom I always hang out with!
They cheer people up mann!!!!!Haha.....................
And of course they are nice too!

Just to reflash back my happy are some pics!

the players!
here is the classic one of navid and I..hahah

the bestest ones

another x'mas celebration together's the main course!!Flaming Lamborghini!

Last but not least,the most memoriable birthday celebration ever from my darling and the 3 most macho ones!A surprise birthday celebration at the hotel!

love you guys!
'm wondering what will I get for my 20th birthday?!?!?

Miss being crazy all the time!

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