Thursday, January 01, 2009

Farewell to 2008!

Say GOODBYE t0 2008

It's a new year and time passes fast~~~~
*I believe I can fly*

Year 2008 was a joyful year for me~My 20-year-old year~
Let me see if I can list 20 things that I've done in 2008~

1.Got into a job under my aunt's management

-It's a credit cards company.Oh My!!!!Credit cards kill the people in living their own lifestyle!I'm not bullshitting but it's the FACT!The worst thing that I've gone through when working in a credit cards company was the moment the staffs from other banks asked me to apply a card!!!
Hello!I'm under aged and I can't afford!
The phenomenon-those who work at a credit cards company have all the cards from different banks!!!!
And also I've learned something~Human will never satisfied with what they get especially in salary.Even though someone earns RM XXXX per month,it's not enough for their spending because I've realised that I didn't have enough money to spend even though I have earned RMXXXX per month.

2.Fly to Sarawak for the 1st time ever

-I've gone to Kuching,Sarawak for the first time ever in my life.Hehe....
It was on a job 'trip'...we 'smuggled' ourselves to there.It's a new place for me,new environment,new lifestyle and new habit!!!!We had their local food which made us bored of that place BUT I love the bars there!!!!Especially drinking with that gang of guys!!!!!!
We went for ALCOHOL for 21 days continuously in Sarawak!

3.I had my 1st foot reflexology in my life

-Foot reflexology is good for blood circulation BUT it's killing me mann!!!!!I had it in Sarawak as the guys wanted to go for body massage by those pretty China girls so I had to tag along.Rather than wasting my time waiting for them,it's better to spend money on reflexology..haha...
Once is enough!!!!!!

4.Got myself the 3rd Tattoo

-my 3rd tattoo!A tattoo for each year!Until there's no 'space' on my body~
I adore this tattoo so so much!!!

5.A new phone

-I bought this by using my own money that I've earned!I could get whatever I wanted when I was in that job.Even a phone which cost me RMXXXX.It's my new BABY!

6.Pampered myself with a summer holiday at Redang Island

-With my hard earned money,a trip before enrolling into Uni is a MUST!Pampered myself with a single life summer holiday @ Redang Island is the BEST OF ALL!

7.Had a birthday party for my lil' bro

-A birthday party fully sponsored by me!!! long as he's happy!!!!

8.Got into a relationship
-After being single and a player for a year,it's the time for me to stable down..hehe...

9.Sponsored Sis a hair cut

-She had her long hair to short!!!!It's her birthday present for the hair cut and of course she went for a professional hair cut la..haha

10.Celebrated Valentine's Day with a best friend

-For the 1st time ever,the both of us celebrated Valentine's day together as we were single and everyone was busy with their own's scary la!!!!As there' couples everywhere we've gone..haha..

11.A best friend found her happiness

-Who will be the next????haha....

12.Got myself a place in the Uni

-Enrolled into UMS,Sabah.It's the most beautiful government uni in m'sia!!!!I love the scenery so much!

13.Fly back to and from for 4 times in a sem..haha
-'Paid' the airlines loads of money to get myself back to Malacca for 4 times in 4 months!!!!OMG!!!!!!!

14.First experience on a tricycle

-A trip up to JB for a gathering and had my first experience on a tricycle @ Danga Bay!It's not an easy job to cycle it!

15.Another blood donation

-In order to keep myself healthy..haha

16.Get another 'position' as an aunty~

-A baby boy~

and the rest of 17,18,19 and 20!!!!!!!!!

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