Monday, January 05, 2009

I hate flying~

I've started to get bored on the plane and fly to and forth .....
I have regretted!!!

Why the hell did I pick this place as my first choice?!?!?!
B'coz I was single?
Or I wana be away from Malacca?
Or I wana explore a new place???

A new sem has started BUT I skipped the first week as there would be no classes on that week...
That's my assumption.....

I hate going to the airport and packing my stuff so much.......

This time,lil' Josh tagged along to send me off.At least I wont be so bored though~

Had sleepless night as someone accompanied me til 5+ in the morning....
no blame on u that night!

The lil' boy~
us- the siblings~

Randomly by a friend in the plane~

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