Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The new sem


The first week of 2nd sem has started!
It's supposed to be the 2nd week of this sem as I've skipped the first week.
Only smart people did this.*no offence*

The first class was Spanish class.
It's funny as the lecturer intro herself in Spanish and all of us were like....*-*
But it's a class to have fun tho..hehe....

The classes on the 2nd day were canceled!!!!

Yeah and today is the class to motivate me to learn about the stockprice and investment!!!
I have no knowledge in this thingy!!!!
Newspapers,Internet ,Business Magazines and blah...blah...blah will be my new friends!!

've been missing someone since I came back.
It's time for me to quit my habit!
I'm here all alone...he's not by my side~

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