Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday in Kuching,Sarawak Part 2

It's our 2nd day in Kuching!
This day was the most hectic day for us as we would be going to Ade's place in Sarikei,the other part of Kuching,Sarawak.

Without sufficient of sleep,we woke up at 7-ish a.m to get ourselves prepared to Serikin.

Breakfast with Kolo mee.

Kuching ' Kolo Mee ' or 'koh-loh mein' (egg noodles, flash-boiled and then served with (classically) garlic, shallots, minced pork, white vinegar, pork oil or in some cases peanut oil and sliced barbecue pork also known as " char siew") is a widely popular dish with the local population. (resource:Wikipedia)

Sarawak specialty-Kolo Mee.
Peppermint herbal is just like the other normal herbal tea but it's added with a peppermint taste.The 1st time you drink it would taste like cough mixture but it's really cooling.
It's not easy to find it everywhere in west m'sia.

At 9.20 am,we departed to Serikin with 8 of us in an Unser.It took us almost an hour earlier to reach than our estimation of 2 hours journey.

Serikin Market is located at the border of Sarawak and Kalimantan.In Serikin town of Borneo,the Indonesian traders come to sell their cheap goods and products to Malaysian every Sunday morning.The local authorities allow them to sell their goods on the street of Serikin, less than 2 km from the border.
There were many vehicles with Indonesia license plate.
The unique of Sarawak.
Umbrellas with the pattern of mosque selling on the street.
Hilda's dad really bought more things than us.He just loves buying oranges
This is the best part of the market. We bought lots of nuts from this stall.
Before we ordered and paid for it,we kept standing there and eat non-stop as the lady was so nice and said it's ok for us to try the nuts.But I just ate non-stop.
The street
The kind lady who gave us discounts and extra nuts!!!!

It was drizzling while we were walking towards our car.
I spotted this interesting handmade craft but I couldn't find my liking.
Variaties of boats..
The way it works is so interesting as it needs to light with the fire to make it able to 'swim' on the water.
Colourful curtains with butterflies.They are so creative!
Their creativity with creative and unique clocks
The man who sells nasi padang with a cute smile.He just loves the camera when I shoot this picture.
There are so many keropok stalls on the street.
cheap stuffs selling everywhere.I managed to grab a 'rotan' handcraft handbag which costs me 20 bucks cheaper than elsewhere.*happy*

After everyone got what we wanted,we headed back.
On the way back,Hilda's dad stopped by the street so that we could grab some nice and special food.
barbecue chicken I guess.
My favourite shot.
Stalls selling fruits,veges, food and much more.The locals can speak and understand mandarin.

The pitcher rice. It has sambal and peanuts in it.My 1st try for this.It's really delicious.
After peeling it.
see the nuts?
Sambal in it.
On the way back.The 3 of us were so pity as the car bounced like crazy due to the condition of the road.

Before we hit the road back home, we dropped by Tasik Biru,Bau.
Tasik biru means blue lake.The water seems to appear blue-greenish due to the green vegetation and blue sky.

The Tasik Biru itself was on the headline of all the newspaper on 7th August 1979.A bus carrying about 50 children plunged into the lake killing 31 pupils and 21 pupils survived the accident.
When I heard about the news from Hilda, I feel so sympathised for the children.

Hilda and her family

We had tomato sauce kueh teow for lunch.It's my 1st time trying it.
Rojak as the appetizer.
The old man who sells rojak with a friendly smile. The old man and his wife look so sweet together.
The tomato sauce keuh teow.

We had some rest back to the hotel room and packed some clothes for the next trip to Sarikei.
Dinner at Jalan Song.
Salad chicken rice
The imitation of Burger King
3 layer tea,another specialty of Sarawak.
Sarawak laksa.Its taste is different as the local don't really eat spicy food as us.It tastes more to curry mee..haha

you tiao( it is made of flour and deep fried in the pot) with meat
ikan bakar.The chili really taste different too.
you tiao with condense milk
Green Tea kit-kat all the way from Japan.

We took the 10 pm bus to Sarikei.It's a 6 hours journey with no highways!!!!!
I was kinda scared in the bus when I saw the condition of the road as it could be described as the aftermath of landslide!!!!!!
The pit-stop.

We arrived Sarikei at 3.20 in the midnight.
Journey to be continued...............................................

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