Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I've overcome my trauma!!!

I'm glad that I've overcome my 12 years of trauma-swimming!
Hilda asked to tag along for a swim with PohWei.
Btw,it's Hilda's and my 1st time went to the stadium to swim.
How 'jakun' are we after staying here for 2 years!

I learned to float..Totally float but if someone talks to me then I'll sink..haha
PohWei said something which made me feel relax while swimming.
"Swimming is just like dancing."
Hilda and I don't really know to swim.Weird!

How did I get the trauma?

Thanks to my handsome Eurasian cousin.
Couz Jon was the one who caused me to have the bad trauma when I was 10-year-old during his holiday in M'sia.
He pulled my leg in the kids' pool and I was drowning.
Suddenly I felt that fear had conquered my life in swimming.

He's the one!!!!hahahahahahahahahha....(stole this pic from his fb)

Finally I've the courage to swim in the pool.Of course not the kids' pool!
And I'm gonna meet Jon in June after 12 years!!!
This time will be drinking!!!!

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