Thursday, February 17, 2011


Colours represent different moods and meanings.
I used to have a perception that colours make my life up.
Colorful things always made me happy and cheered me up.

There are too much of unexpected things happened in my life recently.
All I could think of is BLACK and WHITE.
Colours do not make me happy anymore but it makes me feel complicated.
Just like human beings.
There are multiple organs in our body and that's how the human beings behave as.
They are complicated.

I once thought of having a life with no troubles.
A friend gave me a nickname as SWEET POTATO (fan shu 番薯).
It sounds silly I know but it was given out of the blue.
Few days ago, he kept mentioning about having a sweet potato's life.
I said I want a life like this and he was surprised.
The answer is simple.
I want a life like sweet potato so that I dun need to think of any problems and my life won't be so complicated.

My heart broke for the 2nd time.
It's not love as the cause.
But how close a relationship of a person that could be the cause.
I get worried that situations might get worse.

Too much of worries make me feel like crying out.

I can't think of other small petty stuff.
All I should think of is the solutions.
Time does not wait.

Don't put off what you can do today.

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