Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Touch of Malacca Baba Nyonya Heritage

On the 4th day of Chinese New Year, we were invited to a Baba Nyonya luncheon at Kocik Kitchen Nyonya Restaurant.
It is a Baba Nyonya Restaurant which is owned by my aunt's friend.
The ambiance is great that you could feel the heritage of the Babas and the Nyonyas.

Wanted to take the reflection image in the mirror but only realized that this pic makes a great feelings with a person wandering.....

The entrance of the restaurant.
It is located at Heeren Street,Malacca.

The traditional wedding costumes of the Baba and the Nyonya.

The history of Nyonya food is provided in the menu.
You can't find it elsewhere as Kocik Kitchen Nyonya Restaurant.

We were served with the famous Nyonya food.

Fish with Chillies

Nyonya 5 spices meat roll (ngo hiang)

White rice was served in a pot. Nostalgic!

Pineapple prawns.It is also known as 'lemak nenas'.


Chicken Buah Keruak. It is an indonesian food and it totally taste different!



Dad is learning to eat the buah keruak in a right way.
It's interesting!

There's something in the shell and we have to dig it out with a small spoon and mix it with our rice.

Dessert is a must especially when it comes to Baba Nyonya cendol!!!
The cendol in Kocik Kitchen Nyonya Restaurant is not too sweet and it totally satisfies my stomach and my love for dessert!
It's always my favorite cendol!

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Merryn said...

I love buah keluak!!! It's an acquired taste.. u either love it or dont! :P