Saturday, March 05, 2011

Be Strong to live a life!

Life is not about what we expected at all.
There are many things that happen in our life is not in the control of our hand.
It's like impulsive.

There's a Chinese saying: "在家靠父母,出外靠朋友."
It means when we're at home we depend on our parents,when we've come out to the society and leave our home, friends are the ones we need.

It is obviously undeniable.
But I do have another mind set.
Friends -the ones we should know.
We can spend time with them, hang out and talk about everything,
but, there is no necessary for you to be with the same friends 24/7.
We can have close friends but we can have many types of close friends.
I have close friends who talk about every personal stuff and do what we like,
I have close friends whom I've been with for more than 10 years and we just love to gossip and play dress up together,
and close friends who party with you!

Sometimes, I do prefer to spend my time all by myself without anyone.
Some people do think that it is a way of 'loneliness'.
I take it into a positive way.
When I am alone doing my things, I would use my time to 'exercise' my brain in analyzing things that are happening around me.
I make it into a positive way without making things worse and thinking too much.
I get to understand what I want for myself too.

'm writing this post to show my cousin how your life can lead you to a positive path even you don't have friends by your side.
You can have more personal space.
Friends are important but sometimes you should give yourself some space to do things that you like and achieve what you really want.
Think of your family is the best thing to do when you're alone.
We can't control the way we live.
I've been through so much that it makes me the way I am now.
The mistakes that I have done was endless at a point of time and I thought of giving up but am glad that I didn't.

What is happening now may makes you feel hurt and sad,
when time passes by and you have been through this obstacle,
you will laugh at it and think that it is something funny and u will be glad for being strong to get what you want.

Sometimes when bad things happen, it will lead you to a better future.

With lots of love.

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